Simply Sustainable’s climate change quiz

Posted by Sabrina Chiaretti, Wednesday, 28 November, 2018

On the 7th November, we held a Sustainability Strategy Masterclass with 30 or so businesses, to introduce and explore the latest cutting-edge concepts that companies need to consider when developing or evolving their sustainability strategy.

As part of the session, we ran a climate change quiz to raise awareness of the topic and test the knowledge of the participants towards surely the greatest challenge that we are facing. Below are some of the questions we asked. The answers and sources can be found at the end. How many will you get right?

1.      According to the latest report from the IPCC, how many years do we have left to prevent catastrophic global warming?

A.      12 years

B.      22 years

C.      42 years

2.      According to WWF, what percentage of biodiversity (mammals, fish, birds and reptiles) has been wiped out since 1970?

A.      20% (1 in 5)

B.      40% (2 in 5)

C.      60% (3 in 5)

3.      According to DEFRA, in 2013, how many businesses suffered supply chain disruptions due to extreme weather events?

A.      24%

B.      34%

C.      64%

4.      According to a recent YouGov poll, how many private companies in the UK have not yet set a specific target to reduce their emissions?

A.      21%

B.      61%

C.      81%

5.      According to KPMG, on a global scale, how many businesses are not reporting on the financial impact of climate change on their business?

A.      32%

B.      42%

C.      72%

6.      According to the Natural Capital Finance Alliance, what is the estimated loss that FTSE100 companies will face if they don’t adopt a natural-capital approach to decision-making?

A.      $1.4 trillion

B.      $1.6 trillion

C.      $1.8 trillion

7.      What are the 4 thematic areas of climate-related financial disclosure suggested by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure)?

A.      Governance, Finance, Administration, Risk Management

B.      Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, Metrics and Targets

C.      Strategy, Administration, Risk Management, Metrics and Targets

D.      Strategy, Finance, Risk Management, Procurement



1 A.  Source:

2 C. Source:

3 C. Source:

4 B. Source:

5 C. Source:

6 B. Source:

7 B. Source:



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