Resources and Plastics Strategy

The recent rise in consumer consciousness about environmental issues – particularly single-use plastics – has led to companies’ waste and resources strategies being increasingly linked to their reputation, brand value and market share. In response to rapidly changing societal expectations, national governments, including the UK Government, are setting ambitious targets to reduce waste, eliminate avoidable and single-use plastics and keep resources in the system.

Businesses, therefore, are facing more challenging regulations and heightened stakeholder expectations, and under growing pressure to develop comprehensive waste and resources strategies.

At Simply Sustainable, we have helped some of the UK’s favourite brands, from EasyJet to Costa, to develop and craft their own such strategies, with the goal of minimising waste and increasing the circularity of their operations. There are financial as well as environmental benefits: an intelligent waste strategy also drives down operational costs and improves business efficiency.

Through consultations with internal and external stakeholders, reviews of waste management streams and practices, and data and benchmarking analysis, we can offer strategic recommendations for your business that incorporate the core principles of the circular economy and the waste hierarchy.

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