Materiality Assessment

Materiality is the process through which organisations identify and prioritise the social, environmental and economic issues of critical importance to their stakeholders, and to the long-term viability of the business.

It provides a way to genuinely understand your company’s and your stakeholders’ dynamic needs, and to distil and define the issues of greatest relevance. These issues generally form the basis of a strategic approach to sustainability.

In our rapidly changing world, it can be a struggle to stay up to date with known issues and evolving expectations. Today’s consumers are demanding higher levels of transparency, responsibility and positive action than ever before, and the number of potentially ‘material’ issues seems to be mushrooming.

This landscape can be difficult to navigate, and we are increasingly finding companies turning to us to conduct materiality assessments.
Our robust approach, in line with best practice frameworks including GRI Standards, is designed to provide your company with strategic insights at every stage. Clients often report that our findings are highly perceptive, comprehensive and enlightening, and help them to gain a renewed focus for their business going forward.

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