Climate Change Strategy

Climate change is one of the most significant, yet overlooked, challenges facing business. The intensity and frequency of extreme weather events are projected to increase, with potentially severe consequences for business, particularly those whose products and services rely on the natural environment.

In 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement (COP 21) set a goal of keeping global warming to well below 2°C above the pre-industrial level, and to limit the increase of global temperatures to 1.5°C. This means businesses must implement both mitigation and adaptation actions, in order to limit the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and ensure the long-term resilience of their operations.



At Simply Sustainable, we can help you to assess, develop and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for your business. We can also support you in implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) to evaluate and report on the financial impact of climate change on your operations.


Climate change mitigation incorporates all actions that reduce the environmental impact of business, particularly carbon emissions. Examples of mitigation actions include: switching to low carbon energy sources (e.g. renewables), making equipment more energy efficient and persuading customers and employees to be more environmentally conscious.

After assessing the vulnerabilities of your business to climate change, we can enable you to design and implement robust ways to mitigate your environmental impact. For example, our experts could work with you to:

– Quantify and prioritise risk and opportunities
– Identify and implement mitigation actions
– Engage stakeholders with training and workshops to implement mitigation options
– Monitor and evaluate mitigation initiatives and investments

Climate change adaptation describes all work to anticipate the adverse impact of climate change on operations and resulting actions to prevent or minimise potential damage. Adaptation actions often involve large-scale infrastructure changes, such as improving the quality of road surfaces and buildings to withstand hotter temperatures, building flood defences, or developing drought-tolerant crops.

At Simply Sustainable, we can help you to implement actions which will improve the resilience of your operations. Take advantage of our services and expertise, and we can help you to:

– Assess the risks of climate change for your business
– Identify adaptation measures and develop an adaptation strategy
– Monitor and evaluate adaptation initiatives
– Disclose the financial impact of climate change (through TCFD recommendations)