Social Impact Measurement

Most people would agree that the impact of a business is felt far beyond traditional financial metrics. Nevertheless, businesses continue to prioritise economic achievement, while their social impact remains largely unmeasured and undervalued.

At Simply Sustainable, we know that being able to measure and showcase your social value can be extremely advantageous. Social value includes aspects such as employee training and development and the impact of business goods and services, as well as the more obvious aspects of community and charity investment. By measuring this value, your contribution to society becomes more apparent and this can be used to improve strategy and decision-making.

Proving your worth in social terms can be time-consuming and complicated, and at Simply Sustainable we want to demystify and simplify this process. We provide a range of services which can be applied to measure your social impact, from the complete calculation of social value of your operations, to the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of a specific programme or initiative.

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