Return on Investment

A 2017 trends survey carried out by Ethical Corporation found 55% of companies are not measuring the ROI of sustainability initiatives. Yet sustainability is becoming an increasingly critical component of future success, and it is more important than ever that companies understand its worth. This means capturing both the direct and indirect benefits of sustainability in terms of financial value. Spend can then be more easily justified, sustained, increased and optimized, and sustainability integrated into the business.

Project ROI, a 2015 study, found that sustainability could increase sales revenue by up to 20%, customer satisfaction by up to 10% and productivity by up to 13%. Unfortunately, ROI measurements such as these are rarely captured within an organisation, as they are deemed too hard to measure.


To tackle this challenge, we have partnered with a specialist data analytics consultancy called brightblue. Using a unique modelling tool and process, and available data, we now have a way to quantify the contribution of sustainability to your overall brand, talent and reputational value.

Here are some key questions:

  • Am I capturing all the direct and indirect benefits of sustainability to my business?
  • How do I explain the financial value of sustainability to the business to my CFO?
  • How can I secure greater investment in our sustainability programme and guarantee it over the long term?
  • Are we measuring the right things in the best way, to support the integration of sustainability in the business?

If you’d like some help with the answers, the Simply Sustainable team can help.