Carbon Measurement

All businesses have an impact on the climate through their carbon emissions. This comes from things like the use of energy for heat and power, and fuel use from the transportation of people and goods. Mandatory carbon reporting for public companies, along with increasing market and stakeholder pressure, has led to carbon measurement and management becoming a business priority.
Effective carbon measurement helps companies to identify and understand carbon emissions and their sources, leading to more effective management and reduction strategies.

Assessing the emissions of your business and developing a robust carbon management strategy will deliver long-term benefits, for example:

  • Cost reduction: viewing the cost of your business in terms of carbon will enable you to achieve savings and significant operational efficiencies
  • Stakeholder management: attracting and retaining customers, employees and investors
  • Compliance with legal requirements: addressing current and forthcoming carbon and energy efficiency regulations such as the requirements of the UK’s new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting
  • Competitive advantage: improving your brand visibility, reputation and credentials

At Simply Sustainable, our experts work to established standards, including the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064. Our robust methodology helps businesses to measure, understand, manage and report on their carbon impact and build resilience and reputation in a low-carbon economy. Clients have included DHL UK & Ireland, Manchester Airports Group, Stansted Airport and EE.

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