Employee Engagement, Trainings and Behaviour Change

Employee buy-in, knowledge and support are essential for the effective delivery of any business strategy, and engagement programmes have been shown to significantly improve staff retention, morale and wellbeing.

Engagement programmes aim to identify enthusiastic individuals and empower them with the tools needed to encourage their colleagues to be part of sustainability initiatives. Ideally, they should be fun, practical and rewarding.

At Simply Sustainable, we are experts in developing tailored programmes that galvanise teams to bring about change. Examples of the activities we have delivered in the past include energy and water saving competitions, ‘green champions’ programmes and recycling initiatives.

We also specialise in bespoke training which increases knowledge of sustainability issues among employees and gives them the skills and confidence they need to take an active role in corporate sustainability. Over the years, we have successfully run training and workshops on resource efficiency, sustainability awareness, energy and waste management, environmental legislation and environmental management system implementation. Clients have included EE, Costa and Investec.

Through such initiatives, employees understand how to be sustainable at work and how their actions feed into the company’s overall vision. They are then often inspired to act and take greater pride in the business.

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