Community Investment & Environmental Programmes

One of the most enjoyable things we do is supporting our clients to design meaningful, impactful environmental and community programmes. To get these up and running successfully requires not only expert knowledge of sustainability issues, but also detailed planning. Taking advantage of our decades of collective experience, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to navigate the opportunities and pitfalls that implementing such programmes might bring.

If you are contemplating such a project, it is important to consider some key questions early on: what are your measures of success, what impact and change do you want to see, and how are you planning to create the change?

We can work with you to produce a detailed overview of your programme, to make sure the goal is clearly articulated and that you understand how you will measure change.  We also offer support with practical implementation. Typically, that might involve identifying and engaging with suitable partners, developing resources and online training packages, and the management of the programme itself. Finally, we can advise on communications. These can range from behavioural change initiatives to internal and external campaigns.