Costa Express Awarded ISO14001 International Standard for Sustainability

LONDON, August 02, 2016 – Costa Express, the UK’s leading self-serve coffee bar, has been awarded the ISO14001 International Standard due to its commitment to sustainable practice. This standard provides an approach to environment management as well as all the practical tools to implement and respond to changing environmental conditions.

Measures have been applied across every aspect of Costa Express. The machines themselves now have insulated boilers to make them more efficient and reduce energy usage, meaning energy savings of around 400 watts per day. New boilers are being supplied with the insulation as standard, whilst older boilers are all being upgraded to fit the insulation. This will improve the overall life of the boiler and achieve long term energy savings.

Costa Express has also assessed the current water usage of machines, optimising the amount of water required for use. The team are looking at how best to minimise the amount of water required to run and clean the machines.

The Costa Express fleet which supplies the machines uses telematics to enable the planning team to route the field teams effectively. They are also working to reduce maintenance callouts to lessen the environmental impact of the vehicles and encourage efficient driving by measuring fuel economy.

“Costa Express has worked tirelessly to integrate sustainable decision making in every part of the business” said Nicola Stopps, CEO of Simply Sustainable, who supported the implementation of the standard.

“Costa Express is committed to proactively managing its environmental impact” said Murray McGowan, Managing Director at Costa Express, “Progress can only be demonstrated through effective measurement, which is why we hold ourselves to rigorous standards based on quality measurements and insights. These not only benefit the environment, but also reduce costs and improve efficiency within Costa Express.”

For further information please contact:

Isabella Highett, International and Express Press Officer
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